Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Offer Services To Patients of All Age Groups ?

Yes! Our services are open to neonates (babies less than a month) to geriatric care. We don’t differentiate between the genders either.

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing Falcon Med Services ?

Falcon Med Services is run by a group of health care experts including doctors, pharmacists and para medical professionals. Our rich, hands-on experience in handling patients makes us the most reliable player in this field. Our motto is based on compassion, comfort and total care for the patients visiting India hoping to find best treatment options.

Is Health Care In India Affordable ?

The medical advancements in India are fast growing and we are one of the few countries in Asia, with an amazing medical care. When it comes to affordability, the prices are more than 3/4th lesser than compared to countries in Europe, Middle Easter, America, Australia, South East Asian countries.

If I Add All Costs Including Accommodation And Food, Will It Be Cheaper To Get Treated In My Home Country ?

Even if you add the costs of travel, accommodation and food, it will be still less than the total costs you would incur in your home country. And besides costs and affordability, advanced health care is easily accessible in India.

How Accessible Are Doctors And Paramedics In India? What Is The Response Time During Emergency ?

Indian doctors and hospitals are quite responsive to their patients. Emergency rooms work 24x7, with duty doctors attending patients always. Besides, Indian doctors do not turn away their patients, if there is no appointment. In most cases, the expert or his immediate next can be reached over phone and all required help will be extended.

Will Team FMS Help Me In Planning My Treatment ?

The main purpose of FMS is to offer end-to-end services to the foreign patients. We will extend all possible help, support to the patients in planning the treatment. The doctor’s appointment will be fixed soon after analysing your medical reports.

We would in fact give you the opinion of the expert even before you leave your home country to India, as it may help you to plan accordingly. Our staff will receive you at the airport. The patient and family will be taken to accommodation or hospital in a car or in ambulance as per the requirement.

How Many Attendants Or Family Members Can I Bring Along From My Home Country ?

Indian rules allow only 2 blood relatives to accompany the patient as attendants.

Can You Assure To Keep My Treatment Plan Confidential ?

Absolutely! We guarantee complete secrecy of your treatment and would not share any details with the third party without your permission.

How To Do Follow-Ups With The Doctors Back In India, After Reaching My Country ?

Yes! Follow-ups are mandatory in most cases and we will assist you in contacting the doctor via phone, email or video call.

Will I Be Assisted In Getting Visa ?

Yes! Falcon Med Services will help with all necessary documentation in getting the medical visa.

How Friendly Are Indians And How Safe Is The Country ?

India is a peaceful country. Indians believe in Athidhi Devo Bhava, which means guest is God. Indians are friendly, secular and ready to extend help, all the time.

What Are The Rules And Regulations To Get Medical Visa In India ?

Medical Visa or Med Visa is given to patients visiting India looking forward to getting treated in certified hospitals in the country. The patient would require ‘M’ visa while the attendants need ‘MX’ visa. You can apply for E-Visa by clicking the below link.

To know more about the E-Visa Application Process, please visit

What Are The Required Documents And What Is The Validity ?

Fully filled application form along with passport size photographs, original passport, address payable. Detailed report of the ailment, nature of treatment, along with the signature of the doctor, hospital seal.

The medical visa validity depends on duration of treatment or 1 year, whichever is less.

How To Extend Visa ?

The visa will be extended by one more year by state government or FRRO. If you look to continue staying in India for medical purposes further, the patient should contact Ministry of Home Affairs.

Should I Get Vaccinated Before Visiting India ?

Indian government made it mandatory for every foreign national to get oral polio vaccination or IPV before visiting the country. The patient should carry the certificate and it is valid only for one year from the date of administering the vaccine.

Yellow fever vaccination is compulsory for all age groups, expect to the babies less than 6 months old.