Services of FMS

The elaborate and outstanding services start immediately after inking a deal with us. Our customer service team gets in touch with the patients and their families via email or phone, to take complete stock of the situation.


The planning is the first and foremost stage. After receiving necessary documents, the team reviews the reports with the help of medical professionals on board and make a recommendation of the particular specialist and hospital.

We also take care of documentation from the hospital for processing the visa. The estimation of cost will also be informed to the guests.

Appointment With The Doctors

The medical reports once analysed by our experts will be then forwarded to the doctors working in the relevant field. After reviewing the reports, the opinion of the doctor shall then be conveyed to the patient or family on the recommended treatment plan. This will also give a fair idea about the stay period and amount of costs incurred. Our prime motto is to provide world class services at very affordable pricing.

Stay and Treatment

Few medical procedures would require a stay up to one month while others can lead to a long stay. But do not fret over it as we assure with super comfortable stay, just like at home. Besides reviewing the progress of the patient, ensuring to keep up with the appointments, collecting lab and diagnostic results, the team at FMS works relentlessly for the speedy recovery of the patient.

Post Treatment Services

Once the treatment concludes and doctor certifies, free to go from the hospital, the patient along with the assistant can stay at our facilities, till the time arrives for flying back to their home country. Our team will constantly be in touch with you during online annual reviews and would contact doctor on your behalf.

Paramedical Services

Few patients may require the assistance of physiotherapists, chiropractors to be back on feet. Nurses, on the call doctors visit the patients based on the requirement. Our nutritionists’ plan nutrition-loaded diet charts for the patients and their instructions will be followed to the T.

Non - Medical Services

Besides full-fledged medical services and assistance, the team FMS is also an adept at providing non-medical amenities.

Travel Plans

Falcon Med Services has signed MOUs with quite a few reliable travel agents, approved by IATA and we can book tickets anytime to anywhere in the world. The patient and attendants will be provided airport pickup and drop, and transport services will be extended to other places in the city.

Our team also co-ordinates with the hospitals for the required documentation for speedy arrival of medical visa, zeroing in on medical packages etc.


Forex services including currency exchange, travellers’ cheques will be arranged at the at the hospitals or at the accommodation through our registered Forex agents.

Accommodation and Food

India, especially Chennai is a hub of star hotels and resorts offering amazing hospitality. The culture of service apartments is fast growing, which come with fully furnished rooms, kitchen and staff to make your stay comfortable. Keeping in mind of the food preferences and religious sentiments, our clients will be provided with healthy, nutritious, non-spicy, halal food cooked by popular food outlets in the city.


Falcon Med Services has a team of multi-lingual translators who are well-versed in various foreign languages including Arabic, Urdu, French, Spanish besides English. Our translators will assist the patients and their families during doctor visits, travel within the city. Translator services are available on both full and part-time basis.

Medical Insurance

There are various types of medical insurance plans available in India with insurance companies. International medical coverage can be provided at the approved hospitals. We will talk to the concerned companies on behalf of the client to get insurance for the treatment, based on the ailment.