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In the procedures in Cardiology, Open-Heart Surgery, Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG), Heart Transplant, Heart Stent Surgery (Angioplasty), are done.

Apart from this other procedures done are Liver Transplant, Kidney Transplant, Multi Organ Transplants, Infertility, Cancer Care, Bariatric Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, etc.

Indian hospitals and medical experts leave no stone unturned in offering their best of the services. Besides prime departments, ENT, ophthalmology, gastroenterology, orthopaedics, dental, dermatology treatments are available at affordable prices in a minimal stay.

Featured Treatments


When it comes to cardiac care, Chennai tops the list as this city witnessed more than 300 heart transplants in the last couple of years, which is the highest in the country. Bypass surgeries, stenting and other cardio care procedures are done with utmost care and precision.


Liver related ailments can be quite tricky and long-lasting if not treated on time. India in the last few years has witnessed inflow of foreign patients coming into the country to treat liver ailments and undergo liver transplant, if needed. Being a complicated surgery, it requires outstanding expert care and guidance.


Renal transplant or kidney transplant, though a complicated procedure has gained momentum in the recent years. According to Indian laws, only a blood relative can donate kidney, or the patient can register name on the cadaveric donor list and wait for the turn.


The infertility specialists run thorough checks on the patients, take stock of family history, genetics and various other factors before zeroing in on procedure. IUI, IVF, ICSI are common procedures that fall under reproductive medicine that record a huge success rate.


Overweight or obesity is a killer chronic condition that can cause a plethora of health issues. Bariatric surgery may be a relatively new field in many countries but in India, it is a common practice. Bariatric surgeons ensure weight loss by shrinking the stomach size and restricting the amount of food that it can hold through simple surgical procedures.


All of us love to look good and who doesn’t? Gone are the days cosmetic surgeries are meant only for celebrities and they are being lapped up by the common people too. If you hate sporting your chubby nose, worried about double chin or want tone those arms and look chiselled, Indian cosmetic surgeons are the people, you should talk to.


Chennai is the land of prestigious cancer care hospitals like Adyar Cancer Care and various other corporate establishments offering a wide range of treatments. The surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy and other treatment plans are custom made to ensure faster recovery of the patient.


If a patient has suffered multi organ failure, then he or she would have to undergo multi organ transplants. Heart-liver-lung, heart-liver, heart-kidney, kidney-pancreas are various types of transplants that are being successfully done at Indian hospitals.